Tobaksgården 3
8700, Horsens, Denmark
+45 2947 1278
10, Svyatoho Teodora Square
Lviv, 79019, Ukraine
+38 032 2970597
Tobaksgården 3
8700, Horsens, Denmark
+45 2947 1278
10, Svyatoho Teodora Square
Lviv, 79019, Ukraine
+38 032 2970597

Business Consulting Services

The clients of J&L Consulting might be attracted to Ukraine as a developing country with favorable business conditions. They may have noticed many opportunities in Ukraine for themselves, but might not be sure in what to engage exactly. 

We serve foreign companies that are planning to enter the Ukrainian market as well as are already conducting business with local contractors. Our clients refer to us because of the absence or lack of information necessary for determining the market entrance strategy and for identifying a group of reliable business partners. Otherwise if these points are not clarified it can result in significant financial losses. In such projects, clients often entrust us with the tasks involving preparation of the most accurate and reliable information about the legislative regulation of the specific activity area, market situation, market tendencies and trends, dynamics and estimates of market development, the largest players, potential sales market as well as development of proposals concerning the conditions of work with the potential business partners that will be the safest in terms of commercial risks, and at the same time acceptable for both parties.

J&L Consulting provides the following services in the sphere of business consulting:

Commercial representation and support

  • conducting analytical market research and marketing consulting
  • business scouting, matchmaking
  • prospecting lists of potential partners, contractors, back-end manufacturing centers
  • outsourcing possibilities
  • comparing and evaluating different entry strategies
  • professionally written business plan and/or marketing plan, implementation
  • brand representation in the local market by reaching out to Ukrainian vendors and potential clients
  • opening the “right doors” within the key players on the market
  • creating cost effectiveness and SWOT analysis reports for the feasibility of expanding your business to Ukraine
  • competitor analysis, benchmarking
  • organizing client’s supply chain in Ukraine
  • identification and participation in public tenders
  • business licenses and other corporate services 

Administrative and Back Office Support

  • formal company establishment (all legal aspects including nominal legal address, nominee shareholder, interim and nominee director), ready-made companies with nominee service, alternative liquidation, dormant companies 
  • operational help in setting up a local branch or representative office, virtual office services and subscription to secretarial services
  • financial management and reporting, submission of company financial statements
  • coordination of accounting firm, invoicing, handling accounts receivable /payable
  • HR administration and payroll services
  • organizing of ordinary and extraordinary shareholders meetings and general assemblies,
  • preparing minutes of the meetings and assemblies
  • preparing drafts of all the meetings, assemblies and board of directors resolutions
  • appointment and dismissal of board of directors’ or supervisory board members
  • appointment and dismissal of plenipotentiary, general and special proxies
  • dealing with all year-end duties i.e. preparation of board of directors’ activity report and appropriate shareholders’ meeting resolutions
  • preparation and submission of all changes to the company’s articles of association and their registration with the Companies Register, i.e.: changes of company’s name, share capital, registered address (seat) and any other provisions of the articles of association and statute
  • support in sale of shares or real estate transactions
  • monitoring and communication with the authorities during the process of updates
  • applying for and obtaining various certificates from the authorities 
  • corporate compliance audits
  • maintenance of company documents archives
  • other associated back office functions necessary to run your local operations

Those services are accompanied by organization of:

  • meetings with notaries
  • translations of documents
  • sworn translators assistance
  • other institutions or authorities representatives

All as requested by the client

J&L Consulting as a business consulting firm has been supervising and running compliance on behalf of its clients for almost 15 years by providing professional and tailor made corporate secretarial back office assistance. Thus we definitely are a trustworthy and reliable partner for your business or startup in Ukraine. 

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