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Tobaksgården 3
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108 Stryiska Street
Lviv, 79004, Ukraine
+38 032 2970597

Company registration

Company registration in Ukraine is required when you are starting a business in Ukraine or want to incorporate a well-established company. It is essential to register a company in order to carry out commercial activity in Ukraine, to become a subject of law, to carry out transactions under its name. Whatever your specific situation and plan is, J&L Consulting`s competent and experienced lawyers provide all-round support for efficient and fast business registration in Ukraine.

J&L Consulting supports customers with:

  • all-round pre-incorporation consulting;

  • end-to-end assistance with company incorporation at each step of this process, from the choice of the corporation and legal type, to selection of the taxation scheme, etc.;

  • company registration in Ukraine including:

  • choosing an optimal corporal option such as limited liability company (LLC), joint stock company, and branch/representative office;

  • opening a corporate bank account;

  • drafting and submitting documents needed in particular for the public authorities;

  • choosing an optimal facilities.

  • handling the alterations to already registered statutory files, such as drafting those changes and registration documents, and pursuing the formalities in the State register;

  • setup and management of new business ventures or subsidiaries and startups;

  • representation at the state and private organizations, submitting mandatory documentation on behalf of the customer;

  • turnkey solutions customized to fulfil the best your specific requirements and needs.

How to incorporate a company in Ukraine?

Incorporation of a company in a foreign country is always a challenging, time-consuming, and labor-intense undertaking as one needs to take into account various peculiarities of the local legislation, choose proper egal and organizational type for the new company as well as to manage the practicalities related to the office choice. However, with J&L Consulting`s turnkey solutions incorporation of your company in Ukraine would happen faster and more efficiently. Our competent lawyers are well-aware of the intricacies of the local legislation and know how to handle them to incorporate your company without excessive costs and in a short time.

What are the company registration costs in Ukraine?

Сosts of company registration varies case by case and is determined by the corporation type. In general the expenses accompanying the company registration in Ukraine involves:

  • state registration fees;

  • fee for notary services (as well as payment for documents legalization);

  • fees for opening a corporate bank account (depends on bank specific rules);

  • payment for company’s stamp making etc.

Starting from company’s activity in Ukraine, there is an obligation to pay taxes within rates and timelines of law requirements.

How long does it take to set up a company in Ukraine?

Company registration in Ukraine requires diverse timelines according to the corporate type of your enterprise. Generally, to set up LLC 1 week is needed in case of all documents from shareholders availability. 

How can a foreigner start a business in Ukraine?

Foreigners, just as Ukrainians, can open a company in Ukraine. However, when starting a business in Ukraine foreign nationals shall consider the specifics of the Ukrainian laws regarding foreigners` employment. It is advisable to check the following aspects: 

  • a foreigner should get an individual tax ID number in Ukraine to set up a company;

  • a foreigner should have a valid work permit to be able to work officially in Ukraine;

  • If the foreigner is the company's shareholder and CEO, he or she can not request for work permit in the beginning. The request can be issued on behalf of the company  with Ukrainian as interim nominal CEO. As the company’s shareholder receives an official work permit, this nominal interim CEO can be fired.

  • It is worth knowing that if a foreigner starting a business in Ukraine and with share capital of the company exceeding 100 000 EURO (as a foreign investment), he/she has a right for a permanent resident permit in Ukraine.

J&L Consulting is a trusted partner when it comes to launching a business in Ukraine with experience in successful firms` incorporation since 2003. If you search for legal advice or support in this matter, contact our team.