Tobaksgården 3
8700, Horsens, Denmark
+45 2947 1278
10, Svyatoho Teodora Square
Lviv, 79019, Ukraine
+38 032 2970597
Tobaksgården 3
8700, Horsens, Denmark
+45 2947 1278
10, Svyatoho Teodora Square
Lviv, 79019, Ukraine
+38 032 2970597

Tax & Financial Consulting

IFRS and GAAP reporting to client's requirements
Managerial reporting to client's requirements
Project finance advisory
Debt advisory services and valuation
Internal procurement control

IFRS and GAAP reporting to client's requirements

Additional to the mandatory reporting to the Ukrainian requirements, J&L transforms of financial reports into IFRS/ GAAP and customizes to clients requirements. The client's home accounting department, shareholders or auditors abroad receives detailed information to monitor accountancy in Ukraine at home and to consolidate the Ukrainian company's results properly.

Managerial Reporting

The foundation of any organization's success is built on its financial strength and integrity. J&L offers client companies not only a comprehensive set of payroll, bookkeeping and accounting services, but also decision-support tools and guidance with respect to tax and legal practice in Ukraine. J&L offers efficient services to monitor the business in Ukraine with customized financial reporting. Financial and economic analysis includes:
Legal economic analysis of enterprise business,
Financial analysis,
Forecasting financial condition of enterprise,
Consultations on the problems of the investment.

Project Finance Advisory

Starting an investment project in Ukraine requires good knowledge about the conditions and requirements of local institutions, as well as comparing financing possibilities in the country of origin. J&L supports finding facts to ease comparison for making fact-based decisions supporting entrepreneurial ventures in Ukraine.

Debt Advisory Services and Valuation

In the case debtors do not pay, J&L legal services support you with debt collection. This includes negotiation to settle the case pre-court or representing client's interest in-court. J&L has in-house experienced litigation lawyers in Lviv.

Internal Procurement Control

To prevent inconvenient situations when the management has suspicions that company's procurement is not free of irregularities by the management. J&L can implement independent analysis of internal procurement control in the event of suspicions or such situations.

Tax Advice 

Corporate tax planning including profit transfer optimization and expense acceptance,
Tax compliance review before state tax inspection,
Representation of the client before state tax inspectors and tax police officers,
Domestic tax reporting,
Tax inspection preparation and presence.
Tax compliance review before financial audit,
Identification, appraisal and optimization of tax risks,
Transfer pricing,
M&A tax analysis,
VAT reimbursement cases,
Consulting on general and special taxation systems,
Tax dispute resolutions and litigation,
Tax planning and administration for individuals,
Tax arbitration and negotiations,
Tax audit
Individual tax advice and tax planning
Tax compliance and payroll services